Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloween Sunday Service- TOMORROW!!!

Just a little reminder that its our Halloween Sunday Service TOMORROW! There's some great flash on offer, and below is the final sheet for the day, by Charissa Gregson.

Sunday Service starts at 12noon. First come, first served.

See y'all tomorrow x

Halloween Flash Sheet- By Charissa Gregson

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Halloween Sunday Service- THIS SUNDAY!

Hey everyone!

So, to celebrate Halloween, we are bringing back our Sunday Service! We have a whole new set of Halloween-inspired Flash for you to choose from, at set prices, so come down to Jolie Rouge on Sunday, 30th Oct and get yourself a fun new tattoo!

12noon-6pm (clocks go back so you get an extra hours sleep- no excuses for missing out!)

Check out our facebook for prices for each piece-

See you ghosts and ghouls here





Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Guest Artists at Jolie Rouge

Hey Everyone!

Just thought we'd give you a heads up as to the exciting guests we have booked in with us over the next few months! We'll aim to post up some of their work soon too!

Nov 30th- Dec 2nd: Sway Tattooer
Dec 5th- 6th: Kim-Anh
Jan 23rd- 26th: Miss Arianna
Jan 23rd- 31st: Loic Lavenu

Also coming up, is Florence Tattoo Convention 4th-6th November. Matt, Claudia, Javi and Raquel will all be working this show so pop by their booth and say hey if you're there! They still have a few appointments left too so contact the studio if you're interested in having work done!

Stay tuned for more news, views and tattoos

Friday, 7 October 2011

News News News

hello everybody!!
It's been waaaay too long since this blog has been updated!!! I apologize for that....we have just been busy and forgot to be part of the all internet we are back, sailing our ship faster than ever into adventures we haven't lived yet and we will make you part of it! stay tuned with us!!

One of the many news is that we have a great list of guests coming to work with us in the next few months so check the blog every week, because i will upload our guests work every week along with the pieces that will be done in the shop by our resident artists ( check their pages...i uploaded some fresh tattoos to get you itchy for new work).......

other big news....we have a new tattooist joining the crew!!! Yes, he is spanish too...i swear we are not going for a mediterranians only crew on pourpose!! just happened!
His name is Mario Teide Birras and his work i'd say it's traditional with a bit of a spanish twist! check his work out and call the shop to get yourself a nice colorful tattoo!'s a little selection of new tattoos!!!
stay tuned people!!! loads of upcoming events to not miss out....YOU SNOOZE YOU LOOSE!!!

                                                             a-owl chest piece by Mario
                                                        full front by Javi Bermudez
                                                    thigh rooaarrrr by Claudia De Sabe
                                                 My little Pony by Raquel Corrales
                                                   Storm in a tea cup by Montana Blue
                                                      Bow-jazzle by Charissa

                                                       Sith-licious by Matt Difa